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Episode 28

To compromise the fact that it has been more than a year since I’ve released a new podcast episode, this one is a great mixture of brand new tunes and my beloved tracks from the last few months.

In this episode you’ll hear music from Cosmic Gate, Myon & Shane 54, Rex Mundi, brand new productions from Tucandeo, Stoneface & Terminal, Kyau & Albert, and Orjan Nilsen.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

  1. Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor – Air for Life (Norin & Rad remix) [Anjunabeats]
  2. Tucandeo – Nevada Nights (Original mix) [In Sessions]
  3. Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora – Waiting for the Night (Beat Service remix / Matt P edit) [Armind / CDR]
  4. DNS Project – Gauntlet (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  5. Rex Mundi – Bella Monaco (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  6. Stoneface & Terminal with Kyau & Albert – We Own the Night (Club mix) [Euphonic]
  7. Super8 & Tab – L. A. (Original mix) [Anjunabeats]
  8. Wellenrausch – Million Miles to Run (Phynn remix) [Coldharbour]
  9. Cosmic Gate – Storm Chaser (Original mix) [Black Hole]
  10. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna – Lights (Maor Levi remix) [Ride]
  11. Orjan Nilsen – Violetta (Original mix) [Armind]
  12. Elevation vs. Grube & Hovsepian – City of Angels (Deep mix) [Coldharbour]

Episode 27

  1. Emma Hewitt – Colours (Jerome Isma-Ae remix) [Armind]
  2. ToneArts – Diamonds for Hearts (Original mix) [Echelon]
  3. Ostrega – First Scream (Mike Foyle remix) [Coldharbour]
  4. Armin van Buuren – Blue Fear (Orjan Nilsen remix) [Armada]
  5. Erick Strong – Destination (Original mix) [Reset]
  6. Ashley Wallbridge – Meta4 (Club mix) [AVA]
  7. Norin & Rad – Bloom (Original mix) [Anjunabeats]
  8. The Killers – Mr. Brightside (Marco V Treatment) [CDR]
  9. Markus Schulz – Digital Madness (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  10. Boom Jinx feat. Justine Suissa – Phoenix from the Flames (Club mix) [Anjunabeats]
  11. Dakota – Tears (Protoculture remix) [Armada]
  12. Chilledhead – Wind Spell (Original mix) [Toneplay]

Episode 26

It has been almost three months since the last Matt P Music Podcast Episode, and it has been an active three months in the trance music industry as well. So here we are with the 26th episode which contains not less than 26 carefully selected songs from my favorites.

This episode also features a handful set of 2011 remixes of insanely great classic trance tunes, including the Elles de Graaf remake of Tears from the Moon, the Arnej club mix of Dark Side of the Moon, and Mark Sherry’s rework of Lange’s Songless.

  1. Statica – Shades of Red (Intro mix) [Coldharbour]
  2. Moonbeam feat. Matvey Emerson – Wanderer (Progressiver remix) [Moonbeam Digital]
  3. Forgotten feat. Blackfeel Wite – Earth (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic dub) [LiftedSounds]
  4. Elles de Graaf – Tears from the Moon (Beat Service remix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
  5. Rafaël Frost – Smash (Original mix) [Flashover]
  6. Nitrous Oxide – iPeople (Space Rockerz remix) [Anjunabeats]
  7. Erick Strong – Rainfall (Original mix) [High Contrast]
  8. Beat Service feat. Cathy Burton – When Tomorrow Never Comes (Original mix) [Armada]
  9. Dakota – In a Green Valley (Basil O’Glue remix) [Coldharbour]
  10. Skytech – Motion (Original mix) [Coldharbour Red]
  11. Aerofoil – 2 A.M. (Original mix) [Coldharbour Red]
  12. Junkie XL – Molly’s E (Nicky Romero’s “Molly’s E” remix) [Nettwerk]
  13. Lange & Gareth Emery – Another You Another Me (Rafaël Frost remix) [Lange]
  14. Grace – Not Over Yet (Max Graham vs. Protoculture remix) [Perfecto]
  15. Ferry Corsten – Check It Out (Kyau & Albert remix) [Flashover]
  16. Ernesto vs. Bastian feat. Susana – Dark Side of the Moon (Arnej club mix) [High Contrast]
  17. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Be Your Sound (Tristan Garner remix) [Black Hole]
  18. Klauss Goulart – No Man’s Land (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  19. KhoMha – 507 (Original mix) [Coldharbour Red]
  20. Protoculture – Liquid Logic (Original mix) [Re*Brand]
  21. Dark Matters feat. Ana Criado – The Quest of a Dream (Dabruck & Klein remix) [S107]
  22. Fedde Le Grand – Metrum (Manuel De La Mare remix) [Toolroom]
  23. Lange feat. Jennifer Karr – Songless (Mark Sherry’s Outburst remix) [Lange]
  24. Nifra – Strangers (Dub mix) [Soundpiercing]
  25. Foyle & Zo – Simple Things (Original mix) [Soundpiercing]
  26. Alex Kunnari feat. Emma Lock – You and Me (KhoMha & Julius Beat remix) [Magik Muzik]

Episode 25

In this hour I’ll take you through some of my favorite tunes of the moment, including the KhoMha remix of Another Day, Mark Otten’s Libertine, as well as Dennis Sheperd’s take on Neo Love, the opening track from Episode 05.

The show ends with a track I wanted to feature in the podcast for a long time. It’s a production of two Hungarian fellows, Dávid Németh and Norbert Darvas, with a funny title: Blonde Girls Are Always Better.

  1. Headstrong feat. Stine Grove – Tears (Aurosonic & IS intro mix) [Sola]
  2. Who.Is – Cryptanalysis (Chris Schweizer remix) [Anjunabeats]
  3. DNS Project feat. Madelin Zero – Another Day (KhoMha remix) [Coldharbour]
  4. Cosmic Gate – The Theme (Original mix) [Black Hole]
  5. Mark Otten – Libertine (Original mix) [Armind]
  6. Dakota – Katowice (Mr. Pit remix) [Coldharbour Red]
  7. Max Freegrant – Olya (KhoMha remix) [Freegrant Music]
  8. Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue feat. Ana Criado – Fallen Angel (Dennis Sheperd club mix) [High Contrast]
  9. 4 Strings – Twilight Mode (Original mix) [Liquid]
  10. Kyau & Albert with Marc Marberg – Neo Love (Dennis Sheperd remix) [Euphonic]
  11. Mr. Pit – Sick & Sexy (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  12. Mac & Monday – Blonde Girls Are Always Better (Eitan Carmi remix) [Hyline Music]

Episode 24

Our second summery episode features tracks from the new Dakota album, Mario Hammer’s stunning Life Before the Earthquake, as well as Outsider by Beat Service.

  1. Dakota – Gypsy Room (Album version) [Armada]
  2. Mario Hammer feat. Asheni – Life Before the Earthquake (Original mix) [Coldharbour Red]
  3. Duderstadt – Yanooa (Original mix) [High Contrast]
  4. Dakota – Saints (Album version) [Armada]
  5. Kyau & Albert – Velvet Morning (Super8 & Tab remix) [Euphonic]
  6. Space Rockerz – Jet Packin’ (Phynn remix) [Black Hole]
  7. Bryan Kearney & Snatam Kaur – Ong Namo (Original mix) [FSOE]
  8. Beat Service – Outsider (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  9. John Dahlbäck – Back to the Dancefloor (Halbro remix) [PinkStar]
  10. Sander van Doorn – Koko (Original mix) [Doorn]
  11. W&W feat. Ana Criado – Three O’Clock (Original mix) [Captivating Sounds]
  12. Armin van Buuren feat. Adam Young – Youtopia (Blake Jarrell remix) [Armada]

Episode 23

Producers and record labels happen to be more productive in releasing new songs during the summer than in any other time of the year, so it was a natural thing to decide to release Matt P Music Podcast episodes more often these days.

This one starts a little deeper and has a more progressive touch than most of the episodes to date. It features tunes from across all kinds of genres — progressive, house, and even techno-driven trance. Upcoming artists’ tracks — such as Aerofoil and KhoMha — fit to the mix just as seamlessly as those from well-known artists like Duderstadt, Beat Service or Pryda.

The recognized Slovak female trance producer’s, Nifra’s take on Nevertheless is also featured in the show, alongside my actual favorite production, the Aerofoil remix of SQL’s Leisure Battery.

  1. Hans Zimmer – Time (Karanda’s Inception intro mix) [CDR]
  2. Halbro – Prizma (KhoMha’s Sunrise mix) [PinkStar]
  3. Susana feat. Julian Vincent – Fall in Deep (Alexander Popov remix) [Armada]
  4. Beat Service – Charged (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  5. SQL – Leisure Battery (Aerofoil remix) [Proton Music]
  6. Pryda – Mirage (Original mix) [Pryda]
  7. Dinka – Violet (Inpetto remix) [Unreleased Digital]
  8. SHato & Paul Rockseek – Wonderfooled (Duderstadt remix) [Tool Trance]
  9. Federation – Synchronized (Protoculture remix) [Perfecto Fluoro]
  10. Lang & Yep feat. Manon Polare – Nevertheless (Nifra remix) [Enhanced Progressive]
  11. Space Rockerz – Crooked Hook (Original mix) [Coldharbour Red]

Episode 22

The past weeks have been great in terms of trance album releases, so it was a natural thing for me to select tunes from those. This episode includes a beautiful Orjan Nilsen tune, as well as tracks from the new BT remix album These Re-Imagined Machines, and the new Above & Beyond artist album Group Therapy. My two favorite productions of the moment are Grube & Hovsepian’s Invisible (which has been in the making for three years!), and Promises by the reformed Josh Gabriel and Mavie Marcos collaboration, Andain, so I couldn’t leave those tunes out either.

  1. Audien – People Do Not Change (Matt P intro cut) [Enhanced Progressive / CDR]
  2. Markus Schulz – What Could Have Been (Tucandeo remix) [Armada]
  3. Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy – So Caught Up (DNS Project remix) [Re*Brand]
  4. Grube & Hovsepian – Invisible (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  5. Orjan Nilsen feat. Neev Kennedy – Anywhere But Here (Original mix) [Armind]
  6. Flashtech – Cloud City (Original mix) [405 Blue]
  7. Andain – Promises (Myon & Shane 54’s Summer of Love remix) [Black Hole]
  8. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love (Mat Zo club mix) [Anjunabeats]
  9. BT – The Light in Things (tyDi remix) [Black Hole]
  10. Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders – Fight the Sunrise (Andy Duguid remix) [Garuda]
  11. Snatt & Vix feat. Alexandra Badoi – In My Eyes (Matt P edit) [Maelstrom / CDR]

Episode 21

  1. Markus Schulz – Alpha State (Mike Foyle remix / Matt P’s Alpha edit) [Armada / CDR]
  2. Skytech – Sirens (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  3. Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller – Rotunda (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  4. Marco V – Sticker (Original mix) [TAO]
  5. Age of Love – The Age of Love (Wippenberg remix) [542]
  6. KhoMha – Rainy in the Night (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  7. Aerofoil – Caress 2 Impress (Markus Schulz’s Big Room Reconstruction) [Coldharbour]
  8. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Sun & Moon (Club mix) [Anjunabeats]
  9. Kyau & Albert – Kiksu (2011 rework) [Euphonic]
  10. tyDi feat. Brianna Holan – Never Go Back (Original mix) [AVA]
  11. Snatt & Vix feat. Alexandra Badoi – Cold Shower (Markus Schulz’s Big Room Reconstruction) [Armada]

Episode 20

The twentieth episode has come, so it’s time for a longer set again. This time it’s a one-and-a-half-hour-long show in which I’m playing you some of the hottest trance and progressive tunes from the likes of Rex Mundi, Cosmic Gate, Arty, Mat Zo, or Gareth Emery.

  1. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – My Enemy (Rank 1 remix) [Anjunabeats]
  2. Jochen Miller – U and Eye (Original mix) [High Contrast]
  3. Danilo Ercole – Below the Equator Line (Basil O’Glue remix) [Armada]
  4. David Barnes – Noodler (Original mix) [Coldharbour Red]
  5. Rex Mundi – Sandstone (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  6. Ad Brown feat. Kerry Leva – Memorial (You Were Loved) (Original mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
  7. Pobsky – Dark Cloud (Markus Schulz’s Big Room Reconstruction) [Armada]
  8. Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Cosmic Gate’s Back 2 the Future remix / Matt P dub edit) [Black Hole / CDR]
  9. Tritonal feat. Meredith Call – Broken Down (Original mix) [Air Up There]
  10. Gareth Emery feat. Roxanne Emery – Too Dark Tonight (John O’Callaghan remix) [Garuda]
  11. Cressida feat. Roxanne Barton – Heart on My Sleeve (Kyau & Albert remix) [Euphonic]
  12. Norin & Rad – Segarra (Original mix) [Armada]
  13. Laura Jansen – Use Somebody (Armin van Buuren rework) [Armada]
  14. Arty & Mat Zo – Rebound (Original mix) [Anjunabeats]
  15. Ashley Wallbridge – Moonlight Sonata (Original mix) [AVA]
  16. Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt – Disarm Yourself (Filo & Peri remix) [Aropa]

Episode 19

After a short break, this fresh episode of the Matt P Music Podcast is packed with loads of brand new stuff again, as well as some older masterpieces, that were remixed for good measure.

When producers from the likes of Jerome Isma-Ae and Andy Moor dust off records like Reflect or These Shoulders, you know they’ll be instant hits. Beside these two classics I’m also playing a new remix of an old Randy Katana tune, as well as the amazing Valley of Dreams by Rex Mundi, and of course Robbie Rivera’s and Lizzie Curious’ lovely Departures in the Cosmic Gate remix.

  1. Lange feat. Betsie Larkin - All Around Me (Snatt & Vix remix) [Maelstrom]
  2. Mr. Pit - Backstage (Original mix) [Armada]
  3. Randy Katana - In Silence (Setrise remix) [2Play]
  4. Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Myon & Shane 54’s Classic mix) [Armind]
  5. Dakota - Sinners (Original mix) [Coldharbour Red]
  6. Rex Mundi - Valley of Dreams (Original mix) [Coldharbour]
  7. Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson - These Shoulders (Andy Moor remix) [Anjunabeats]
  8. Lange & Fabio XB pres. Yves De Lacroix - Electrify (Lange mix) [S107]
  9. Maor Levi - Reflect (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman remix) [Anjunabeats]
  10. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Another World (Shogun remix) [S107]
  11. Robbie Rivera feat. Lizzie Curious - Departures (Cosmic Gate remix) [Black Hole]
  12. Markus Schulz feat. Jennifer Rene - Not the Same (Eelke Kleijn remix) [Coldharbour]


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